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Strain Review – Smarties | The Ganja Gazette
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Strain Review

Smarties (girl scout cookies x blue city diesel)

Hybrid/Sativa Strain | Testing at 31% THC

Written By: Gazette Staff

Remember back in the day, crushing up your favorite rolled candies and acting like you’re smoking them? Well, now you no longer have to. You can get that amazing flavor and get high without coughing up sugar you sucked down your throat. The Smarties strain is a cross between Girl Scout Cookies and Blue City Diesel and does not disappoint. Not only does it smell phenomenally, but it also has a fantastic fruity flavor you will not forget and will give you the head high you are dreaming for. It is a great strain for a daytime high, it will leave you with the giggles but not making you unmotivated. Definitely would recommend this strain if you have not tried it yet and if you have you’ll want to come back for more! This has been one of my favorite strains so far I’ve had the pleasures of testing.