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Strain Review – Golden Pineapple | The Ganja Gazette
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Strain Review

Golden Pineapple (Golden Goat x Pineapple Kush)

Sativa Strain | Testing at 22% THC

Written By: Gazette Staff

They didn’t mess up mixing these two strains together, this is one of my favorite combinations of strains, leading to some of the best smelling and tasting buds! From the first site, it looks amazing, smells even better, as you can guess it has a fruity pineapple smell and the taste does not disappoint. This strain is nearly perfect and could’ve easily been a perfect score. However you will get some extreme dry mouth, so I’d definitely recommend something to drink while you’re smoking. Otherwise, be prepared to feel like it was your first time smoking again. This strain gave me the giggles like I was a newbie again to the smoking scene, being a Sativa dominant I had more than enough energy to stay productive and feel great all day! Would definitely suggest you don’t miss out on this one.