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Product Review – Natures Kitchen Distillate Cartridge | The Ganja Gazette
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Natures Kitchen Distillate CartridgeProduct Review

Natures Kitchen

Distillate Cartridge

Strawnanna – 500mg

By:Gazette Staff

This Strawberry/Banana cartridge is full of flavor, it is one of the best tasting cartridges I have tried and for the price, it gets even better! I am becoming a big fan of these distillate cartridges, the flavors you can pull off without losing any of the potency is amazing. They also have more traditional distillate flavors such as Gorilla Glue and Goji OG.

Personally, I am becoming a fan of the flavored cartridges, being a flower person it is a nice change-up when smoking. I also like that it doesn’t leave that lingering oil taste down your throat. Just be aware that they are in 1 gram cartridge containers, where that makes me excited to see future ones, it does look half full. I haven’t had any issues with the cartridges itself leaking, and smoked all of it! Definitely one of the better cartridges I’ve tried when combining price, potency and flavor.

These cartridges can be found at any Nature’s Herbs location.