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Product Review – Kush Masters Blackberry Kush | The Ganja Gazette
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Product Review

Kush Masters

Blackberry Kush – Live Budder 76.13%

By:Gazette Staff

Kush Masters is making their name known in the concentrate industry. From Shatter and Wax to Live Budder and Diamonds, every concentrate that Kush Masters produces is fantastic! We had the opportunity to pick up a gram of their Blackberry Kush Live Budder, and let’s just say we wish we had gotten more.

The budder has a very obvious sweet berry smell to it. Not your average sweet pungent smell but specifically and distinctly berries. The creamy budder has a light golden hue and is perfect for taking a nice scoop for dabbing. The smell of the berries translates nicely to its smoked flavor and leaves a hint of berries on your tongue as you exhale. No matter your concentrate of choice, we definitely recommend picking up a gram of Kush Masters.