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There is nothing more satisfying than cooking a meal at home, especially if you know everything you are marking comes from the best quality of ingredients. This is exactly why we love using Wheat Ridge Poultry & Meat as our go-to place when buying any kinds of protein or even looking for the basics to cook with. No matter your cooking needs, you should make Wheat Ridge your go-to spot when purchasing meat.

Although there are many butcher shops throughout the city, I love Wheat Ridge because of their quality and price. This store is the definition of local business and the type of store where you get to know the owner very quickly. Everyone in the store is more than willing to sit and discuss what they are selling you and have a great conversation about not only the product, but the goings-on in your life. Wheat Ridge is the type of place your grandparents went to, your parents went to and the place you will keep going. Hell, your kids will probably want to go there.

The great allure of this store over just going to a King Soopers or Kroger is the prices. Wheat Ridge brings in their meat fresh and preserves it with care, offering you a higher quality than your average grocery story. Meat is available in a whole assortment of cuts and all for a low price. Getting a nice cut of prime rib can sometimes cost you as little as 6 or 7 bucks, a small price for the quality of meat.

Wheat Ridge Poultry & Meat also pairs their with offerings with other local businesses, so who knows what you might find whenever you wander in. Last time I was there, they had a fantastic pie selection made by another local business that they sell in-house. We got two pies for a BBQ we were hosting, and they were better than almost any I have ever had. From exotic meats to delicious traditional cuts, Wheat Ridge has everything you could desire. The store is worth the visit whether you are looking to buy a few steaks for a nicer dinner or just need to get the ingredients for dinner tonight. With great prices, good variety and the capabilities to get multiple needs, sometimes you can even stop by here and you will only need to head to the grocery store next door to get the vegetables to compliment your meal!

Since the meat is in the raw, we would recommend buying from Wheat Ridge before you get high. Where there will be some cooking involved, you are going to enjoy a higher quality meal for your munchies but one so delicious. And I bet if you get stoned enough you probably will be able to eat that entire pie by yourself!