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Video Game Review


By: Ganja Gameboys

There’s a lot to love about Insomniac Games’ Spider-Man exclusively on the PS4.

The production value is spectacular overall. You can swing across Manhattan without having to wait for anything to load. And all the major NYC landmarks are represented and accounted for — so much so that natives will have an even easier time getting around. This is the best that playing Spider-Man has ever felt. His specific move set has been paralleled in a way that captures all the iconic acrobatic lunges and stances. Swinging around the remarkably rendered New York City is exactly as much fun as you could ever wish. The combat is fluid, versatile, and lets you play into whichever combat style you prefer more. Insomniac nailed all the web-slinging details, from the impressive roster of unlockable suits to the friendly neighborhood persona that Peter Parker is known for.

The problem is that there aren’t that many different gameplay experiences to have. A lot of the missions and goals in Spider-Man don’t deviate significantly from a number of core mechanics. A sizeable portion of the game consists of clearing out areas of enemies, web-slinging chase-downs or circuitry puzzles that have you mixing and matching tiles to get electricity to flow correctly. There are occasional detours in light stealth and pattern-matching, but none of them leave you wanting more. It’s impossible to play Spider-Man and not be reminded of Rocksteady Studios’ Batman games. In fact, it made me wonder just how similar the two heroes are in their own right, especially when you consider their gameplay repertoires. Suffice it to say, Insomniac’s version of Spider-Man takes cues from the recent Batman games in more ways than one. If you’ve played any of that developer’s trilogy, you’ll quickly feel right at home.