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By the power of augmented reality and the ingenuity of Niantic Labs and Nintendo, being a Pokémon trainer has never been more real. As the game is imposed onto our world through your mobile device, it actually appears as though you are encountering Pokémon wherever you are! The game itself is very simple, and free. Using your in-game map, you must search the world around you to play the game and catch Pokémon. You cannot effectively play Pokémon Go from your couch.

As you explore, you may notice icons around you. These are PokéStops and Gyms set at real-world locations, typically monuments or places of interest. Tapping on a PokéStop will reveal a Photo Disc. Swipe it and it will spill out goodies that you will need to continue your adventure.

If you are interested in more than just expanding your Pokédex, there is a battling element to Pokémon Go. Currently, the Gym is the only place in which battles take place, and they occur with a series of swipes and taps. Swipe to dodge, tap to hit. Another big part of the game comes in here, teams. You can choose from these three: Instinct (Yellow), Mystic (Blue), and Valor (Red). You can strengthen your teams hold of a Gym by sparring there and eventually by leaving a Pokémon to defend the location. Or, you can take another team’s gym by defeating all the defending Pokemon. Build your line-up and seize your area!

Besides the gameplay, another unique aspect of this game is the community. Typically gaming doesn’t include a ton of face-to-face interaction, but Pokémon Go does. You’ll see entire families, friends, strangers, people from all walks of life, wandering around together having fun interacting with one another to find the best Pokémon in the area. Proving to this gamer that Pokémon Go truly is an experience for everyone just waiting to be had. It is super fun and addictive and you’ll find yourself playing it everywhere you go. On that note, never forget this if you really want to be a successful trainer, “Remember to be alert at all times. Stay aware of your surroundings.”