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Video Game Review

Octopath Traveler

By: Ganja Gameboys

It can be rather difficult for a JRPG to set itself apart from the crowd in 2018. Even more so if it attempts to emulate the style or look of the grand adventures of the 8-bit and 16-bit eras. Still, if there were ever a company that could pull it off, it would be Square Enix. With Octopath Traveler, the company is aiming to go back to its roots, offering an experience that manages to mix the best parts of the great JRPGs with new gameplay standards that keep things from feeling too archaic.

One of the immediately striking things about Octopath Traveler is the nonlinear and unconventional approach to storytelling. The name of the game stems from how there are eight characters you are able to play as, each with distinct storylines, motivations, and supporting characters. Though you have to pick one of the characters to start with, each of the others can be obtained in time.

Even in its first few hours, this game has proven that it’s more than capable of carrying on the dream of the ‘90s JRPG, while still doing enough new things with it to keep the experience fresh. Square Enix has once again proved that it is on the forefront of the JRPG industry and that they know what it takes to tell a story.