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By: Ganja Gameboys


It’s that time of the year and inevitably that means it’s time for a new edition of Madden NFL to hit the shelves. As with every annual edition, EA sports leaves no stone unturned in providing essentially the same product every year, repackaged, rebranded, with “upgraded” graphics, and an updated roster.

Right out of the box, Madden 17 needs a 5 GB download update. This means you’re definitely gonna play your first exhibition game with Mark Sanchez at the helm if you are a Broncos fan like us. 4 interceptions, 3 sacks, and one fumble later… you realize that you’ll need to go back and check out the tutorials to learn the new features and control functions. Once finally installed, There are a lot of new features that come together to make the game faster, more realistic and more challenging in the right ways. The ball physics are much better, tackle battles are an interesting addition and it is unbelievably satisfying to block a field goal. There has also been a notable improvement to “Franchise Mode” in Madden 17. Thanks to the new “Moments” play mode, players no longer have to mindlessly control every play of the season or take a risk and “simulate” a game or two hoping the computer football gods reward you with a win. “Moments” allows you to simulate parts of the game and seamlessly jump into the action when the situation on the field merritts. In this mode expect to play a lot of 3rd down situations, passes into the endzone along with every down in the red zone. It’s almost like NFL Red Zone the Game in effect. In Madden 17, player ratings matter more than before, so you will see a change in how your players respond to commands to perform a special move. There are also new tackle dynamics that will allow you to break a gang tackle and go for a touchdown. You’ll see more blocked kicks, more kick errors, and a new kicking mechanic that may be more challenging than previous editions.

All in all, Madden NFL 17 is a worth-while $40 investment for any diehard football fans or especially
anyone new to the franchise. There have been some small and well thought out changes in all three facets of the game and while they are sure to only improve with time and future editions, Madden 17 is solid. If only they had put Von Miller on the cover instead of Gronkowski… what gives?