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Game Review

Kingdom Hearts III

By: Ganja Gameboys

It would be impossible to accurately recap the entire plot of Kingdom Hearts, given that in addition to the two other main titles, there are more than five other spin-offs across multiple gaming platforms. The game tries to do so in a series of cut-scenes to summarise the story so far.

For almost everything that Kingdom Hearts 3 does wrong, there is almost definitely something the game does right. The moments when things click in the game feel so good that the warm fuzzies will literally hold you over and keep you playing each and every time some bullshit pops up to rain on your parade.

Kingdom Hearts III also does a great job in unifying a smorgasbord of disparate art styles into a cohesive whole. From a world dominated by simpler shapes and childish designs such as Toy Story to the grittier, more realistic style of Pirates of the Caribbean, KH3 incorporates a wide palette of distinctive and at times incoherent or disjointed art styles. And yet it manage to make them all work together. These include impressive attention to detail, which you notice when looking up close. I thought Hercules’ design was a bit “meh” at first. Then the camera zoomed in during a cut scene and I could see the textures on his clothes. Even as I laugh sometimes about the preponderance of zippers in this game’s original clothing, I can’t help but be impressed with the level of detail present in KH3.

The other major part of Kingdom Heart’s three-legged stool is its story. As the KH title that’s supposed to provide closure for this particular story arc, the story is probably one of the most anticipated parts of the game from hardcore fans. For folks who fell in love with the game’s various protagonists, you can even say that its resolution is something personal. Ultimately, despite its convoluted story, Kingdom Hearts III is the tale of a boy and his friends out on a grand adventure to save the people they care about. While there are certainly plenty of action-adventure games out there, there aren’t many games like this one. In that sense, it’s almost akin to playing a slice of video game history. Who knows? Perhaps 13 years from now, it’s one most folks will look back on fondly as well.