Your watch begins In a future not dissimilar from the Earth we know now: troubled, confused, and in need of extraordinary actions. In nations encompassing the globe, you embody the extraordinary individuals capable of making the difference. With your aid they will shape the mold of the future, for better or worse. Among the embodied are: scientists, vigilantes, mercenaries, gaming pros, world famous musicians, explosive maniacs, and more. Regardless of affiliation, you will find that each character is comprised of highly unique and dangerous abilities accompanied by vibrant background still being released to us via short animations and comics.

Overwatch has already succeeded in attracting the attention and devotion of millions of players. There is no campaign in the game, but there are plenty of options to diversify your experience. You are able to choose among: Quick Match, Versus A.I., Custom Match, and Brawl. Know this: if you enter the Brawl be prepared to encounter some truly whacky rules and conditions. While Brawl makes for an interesting experience, Quick Match is where the real competitive spirit of the game resides.

There are currently twenty-one playable heroes. During a match you can switch to any of them depending on your team’s needs. Also, there can be more than one of each character on a team. This means you will occasionally run across teams comprised of solely one hero. However, the wise choice is to create a well-rounded team consisting of all classes: defense, offense, support, and tank. Depending on the map, objective, and whether or not you are defending or attacking, it is up to you and your team to make the correct decisions to obtain victory.

Beyond supreme gameplay, graphics, and soundtracks, Overwatch appeals to us with its rich and relative setting. Blizzard has managed to yet again create an incredibly unique experience, one that includes our world and our problems, that has left us all in awe. To put it simply, it feels good to play Overwatch; it is truly a great and versatile experience. You really owe it to yourself to acquire this masterpiece and begin your watch!

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