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Video Game Review – Battlefield: V | The Ganja Gazette
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Game Review

Battlefield: V

By: Ganja Gameboys

Old problems remain, though. Battlefield 5 is a spotty experience, beset by bugs and glitches that continually pull you out of it all. The new animations don’t seem fully baked, with legs prodding out at inhuman angles and players warping through the floor, while elsewhere quirks and server lag rear their heads.

Battlefield 5 is a mess. It’s the glitchiest, most technically troubled DICE’s sandbox multiplayer has been since the infamous launch of Battlefield 4, and even the launch itself was all over the place.

And even when that particular mess is behind us, Battlefield 5 isn’t where you might expect it to be. The inevitable Battle Royale mode – surely the perfect fit for DICE’s own brand of chaos – isn’t out until March. The co-op mode that was announced at launch isn’t coming until later, and for that matter, is one of the four single-player War Stories, another planned piece of post-release support. Such omissions and scarcity of features is all collateral from EA’s move from its older business model towards free, regular updates, though Battlefield 5 feels so incomplete at launch as it veers away from the dreaded season pass at times it feels more like an Early Access title. Small wonder the sense of anticipation around this one has been particularly muted.

It plays as well as Battlefield ever has, basically, and even goes towards fixing some of the age-old
problems of the series. Progression feels meaningful and not painfully drawn out, helped by new daily objectives and the light customization you’re afforded for your soldiers and your arsenal. For the first time I can really recall playing a DICE shooter, I’m invested in leveling up my squad. Considering how limp that part of Battlefield’s game has been in the past, that’s no small feat.