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Trump Is Not Coming For Your Weed (Maybe)
By: Jed Murphy

Of all the losers from the last election cycle one thing we know for sure is marijuana did not lose. As of this last election day, 29 states and Washington D.C. now have legal marijuana of some kind including seven that allow recreational use. California, Massachusetts, Maine, and Nevada all join Colorado in the recreational club hoping to emulate its economic success. For many consumers, the uncertainty of the Trump presidency has them asking the question; will President Trump come for my weed?

The short answer is probably not. While it is still too soon to tell, the successes of medical and recreational marijuana legislation will be hard for the president-elect to ignore. Marijuana was on the ballot in eight states and Arizona was the only state to reject it. It came down to a few thousand votes in Maine but in the end it passed, mostly being credited to an expensive ad campaign.

During his campaign, President-elect Trump stated he was on the side of medical marijuana and believed recreational should be a state issue. During an interview with CNN he expressed concern over the trafficking of marijuana from places like Colorado to other states but marijuana legislation appears to be low on his list of priorities.

The concern for many legalization advocates is the people who the president-elect chooses to surround himself with. With Mike Pence as vice-president and Rudy Giuliani gunning for a cabinet position, the president-elect is attached to a very conservative and anti-legalization group of people. How much say they have in this new presidency will determine which way the smoke will blow over the next four years.

One thing to be said about President-elect Trump, he is going into his presidency beholden to very few people and certainly not the Republican establishment. He was voted in largely because of his business experience and the promise to bring back jobs to places like Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania. None of these places have any legal marijuana legislation, but once the president-elect takes a hard look at the millions of dollars of revenue brought in to states like Colorado and Oregon, he will side with the economy. These are uncertain times but legalized marijuana is here to stay, at least for now.