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4/20Traditionally the biggest day for stoners, except now with the evolution of 7/10, but nothing will likely ever top the fact that 4/20 has a place in the heart of stoners everywhere. We do not need an excuse to smoke, we all can enjoy our chance to toke any old day and while it is not a necessity that tokers light up on the mythical day, many love the festivities behind the event. This is not just a chance to love weed, but it is a chance to publicly show our love of marijuana. Even for our Denver locals, the celebrations in Civic Center Park and the cloud of smoke puffing out of Boulder are not the only places to enjoy 4/20. With a few simple clicks of the finger and the right amount of the other green (we mean money) you can be on a jet plane headed to a new location for the chance to celebrate 4/20. If you are looking to spice up your holiday, here are the places we recommend checking out!


First and foremost, the current king of the northwest when it comes to cannabis is obviously Washington. It is a little surprising that the state, and especially its major city of Seattle, do not have a dedicated 4/20 festival. You see, Seattle’s biggest time for celebration is their Hempfest, with this year being the 25th anniversary happening in August. Hempfest does do its best to recognize the holiday of 4/20, however, by hosting an annual 420 Fest for members. It does usually take a membership but this covers your entrances for the day, access to different vendors and courses, and sometimes even food to satisfy all your needs. If you are in the area and want to celebrate, there isn’t anywhere else to go.


Come on Georgia, get on the ball. While the state of GA has failed to catch up with the times, the state still knows how to celebrate. The biggest celebration contains the Sweetwater 4/20 Fest. The annual three-day music festival is a great chance to catch some traditional stoner music acts celebrating in style. The event does not necessarily condone the use of weed, this would be illegal, but do not be afraid to light up on sight in the enjoyment of the event.


Okay, okay, we know what you are thinking. This article is supposed to talk about different places you could go to enjoy 4/20. For many stoners and long time residents of Colorado, nothing is more annual than the High Times Cannabis Cup, essentially the end-all be-all celebration of pot across the country. There is no need to completely dismiss the magnitude of this event and, for many, even if you never travel further than your current city, celebrating the High Times Cannabis Cup is the perfect way to enjoy 4/20.


Hippie Hill. The well known and infamous site for smoking in San Francisco. Anyone in the Bay Area on 4/20 should make an effort to head out to this well known and very well documented location for smoking. Smoking on Hippie Hill can be a beautiful sight, witnessing thousands of hippies and tech professionals coming together to celebrate. Unlike many events on this list, this one is very informal with no organizers. The cops still tend to stay away unless there are disruptions so be friendly, be nice, and clean up after yourself.


Tallahassee, Florida. Who would have thought a place like Florida would have an allure for the average stoner? But here is beauty to this location. Sometimes, Tallahassee has been rated as the second most pot happy city in the country. Now, all these studies indicating this were done before other states legalized, but this doesn’t discount the weed in this town. With two college campuses located in the city as well, there is no lack of people who love smoking. If you want a warm destination where you can get high; you would be missing out by not heading here to experience the high.