February is a hard time for growing weed unless you have all the existing requirements for indoor grows. Due to the cold right now, it is time to avoid growing outdoors. At the same time, it is never too early to prepare for growing moving forward. Here at the Gazette, we have seen a variety of grows and watched plants harvested from both clones and seeds. Where there are pros and cons to each of these options, right now, our focus is on seeds.

To help your growing process, below are our choices for the best-growing options to consider when selecting some seeds to produce you top-notch cannabis. These seeds are our recommendations based on our experiences, and we know these are not the only ones that can or should be used, but they are damn good seeds for home growers. In selecting these options, we focused on ease of growing along with the end yield and potency. Overall, we recommend these choices to anyone considering home growing using seeds.


Super Lemon Haze is is a great stain for both smoking and growing. This strain is the perfect blend to provide you a sativa that can impact your mood in a positive way. It is strong in its results, but offers a great yield at lower experience levels.

The strain itself is pretty easy to grow and needs about two to three and a half months in the flowering stage. Overall, the plant yields a decent amount of flower, pretty high compared to a few others here on the list. Super Lemon Haze has gotten a lot of national recognition, making it popular in the industry and pretty easy to acquire in seed form.


Royal Caramel is a beautiful strain for both growing and smoking, offering a gorgeous aroma that you will smell when growing and also when lighting up. This strain is usually a 50/50 hybrid mixing both sativa and indica, but growing more like an indica when cultivated.

The plant needs about 6 to 7 weeks in flowering before it is ready to harvest, but when matured fully will be delicious. Outside, it is should be harvested in September. It does yield a large degree of cannabis when harvested properly. Due to its popularity, these seeds are easy to acquire.


AK-47 is one of the most popular strains and, like many on this list, has gained a notoriety for its extreme potency and ability to grow. This strain is often known for its ability to get smokers extremely high with only a few hits. A sativa strain, but it does not require as long a flowering period as many other strains. The strain has won countless awards across the industry for its potency and quality.

When it comes to growing, the AK-47 does yield pretty quickly. If growing indoors, it takes 7 to 8 weeks before flowering and outdoors, is ready around mid to late October depending on when you plant it. Overall, this strain is popular for its strong seed durability. When purchasing this, you want to buy from Serious Seeds, the only source of AK-47. You can find other impersonators in the marketplace, but not much comes close.


An indica dominate strain, Northern Lights is again a well-known plant within the industry of cannabis for home growers and commercial growers alike. It is pretty discreet for a weed plant, making it perfect for growing indoors, but also outdoors if you do not want to alarm your neighbors.

It can survive pretty well in a variety of climates, a hardy strain and easy on first-time growers. The yield is also noticeable, above average for this forgiving plant. This would be top on this list for ease of growing. It is the best on this list for those just initially wanting to grow and willing to admit they are going to make mistakes. It is also short and fairly odorless making it pretty discrete. If you are a first-time grower, we recommend Northern Lights.

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