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With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, there are countless gifts you can buy for your loved one. These items might fall into that list, but for a more comprehensive guide on what to buy your loved one, check out our Stoner’s Gift Guide for Valentine’s Day. This list is less about what you should purchase for your loved ones and more about great cannabis-based items to incorporate into your relationship. Some of these have been mentioned in our gift guide but a few haven’t. The main reason for these gifts is because they can compliment your relationship by providing you a new way to share and enjoy cannabis together. Utilizing these items in your relationship can do everything from providing you a new way to get high to providing you a nice compliment to existing romance.

Below are our top five week products to use in relationships.

1. Lubricant / Massage Oil

There are countless sources of cannabis lubricant and massage oil on the market as we speak. The ability to obtain these various topical concoctions will likely vary depending on the state you live in and your access to medical or recreational stores, but these are worth checking out.

Lubricants are clearly designed for internal application and have been heralded as providing potent effects on both parties’ pleasure during sex along with potentials for orgasm, yielding a compelling reason to experiment with these in sex. The other side of the coin is less sexual, but still sensual. With a broad range of massage oils on the market, even if you and your significant other are not going all the way, you still have the chance for some cannabis-driven relief in your life. These oils are perfect for giving a romantic massage after a long day of work and helping your partner unwind.

2. Jane’s Brew Cannabis Coffee

Coffee is somewhat of a worldwide tradition and a ritual for many couples. After all, what is more normal than waking up for a day of work and making your honey a nice cup of coffee before you both go on your ways for the day. Well, now Jane’s Brew is changing the way we can potentially consume both cannabis and coffee by combining these two items into one.

Jane’s Brew offers a broad line of cannabis-infused products, all tailored to replace your need to visit a coffee shop. With everything from teas to hot chocolate to even K-cups for brewing coffee, this company offers stoners the perfect chance to drink coffee and enjoy the euphoric feeling attached to it. Where many couples love sharing coffee together, what can be better than bringing breakfast in bed with an extra liquid surge of delicious THC to someone you love so you can start their day off right?

3. AC Greebs Smoking Steel

A relatively small and discrete device, the AC Greebs smoking steel might just revolutionize the way you smoke. Requiring any old plastic bottle, this cheap and beautifully designed device can transform any of these plastic elements into a gravity bong in a matter of seconds.

Now, gravity bongs are not exactly anything new or revolutionary, but this product is pretty damn revolutionary. What home does not run into a casual plastic bottle lying around at some point? This might not be something you use every day, but it is something you are going to love when you do use. It is something that is going to make your relationship a little new by providing an alternative way of smoking and spicing things up.

4. Puffit “Inhaler” Vaporizer

Ever seen anyone with an asthma inhaler? Well, if you have seen one of those, then you might have been watching someone with this beautiful device by Puffit. The “Inhaler” vaporizer looks exactly like an inhaler, and believe me this is coming from someone who has grown up with asthma and spent countless time around inhalers.

Again, besides this being cool tech, how is this going to improve your relationship? With the ability to get high at the awkward moments when you and your partner shouldn’t be. Think about it. How many awkward family gatherings or work events or get-togethers have you had to endure without the chance to smoke? This is the perfect solution to these woes. The Puffit is perfect for all stoners, but especially couples who love smoking together while the people around them might not love it so much.

5. Olive Oil

Again, a more common product that exists on the market, but one we love in our office. Olive oil, the kind we use, has been provided by Nature’s Kitchen and damn, it does a great job of getting you high. The olive oil should be used in cooking similar to whatever else you use olive oil for and when done with the right dosage, it is going to leave you feeling great.

Again, we reference this because it is an easily affordable and useable compliment to existing functions of your relationship. You are always going to cook, and many couples love cooking together. Additionally, making canna butter or finding good cannabutter can be painful. Olive oil is the perfect solution. You can buy a bottle of this stuff incredibly easily and from there, you are off. Buy some olive oil today and get to cooking. You and your loved one will not regret it!