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Top 5 Strains To Look Out For In 2019 | The Ganja Gazette
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Top 5 Strains To Look Out For In 2019

Written By: Gazette Staff

If you believe the annual reports from the National Institute on Drug Abuse, weed is getting stronger. Certainly, if you measure potency by THC content, marijuana is unquestionably becoming more potent.

One of the main reasons for this extra potency is the focus on producing sinsemilla, which is the tops of unfertilized female plants (these happen to contain the highest amount of THC). In the modern era, harvesters remove the trimmings and get rid of water leaves, which contain little to no THC.

It is also likely true that cannabis strain production has contributed to the greater strength of pot; growers prefer marijuana strains with high cannabinoid levels, and today, the strongest selections are hybrid crosses of well known strains.

1. Godfather OG. Godfather OG is cultivated by California Herbal Remedies and is believed to be a cross of Cherry Pie, OG Kush, and Granddaddy Purps. With this information in hand, it is no surprise to learn that Godfather OG is often referred to as the ‘Don of all Kush’ strains. Even a typical strain should have a THC of over 25%.

2. Chemdawg. Chemdawg previously held the record for highest THC content when it won the coveted Cannabis Cup title with a THC level of 32.13%. Cultivated by Next Harvest in Denver CO, It is one of the most mysterious marijuana strains as little is known about its genetics or history.

3. Irish Creme. This is yet another case of “selectively breeding” to yield an exceptionally powerful marijuana strain. Irish Cream is an indica developed by Mighty Irish Seeds; they crossbred Real McCoy with Cookies and Cream, and the result was a strain that clocks in with an average THC content over 27%.

4. White Tahoe Cookies. This is an indica-dominant strain (roughly 70%), and is one of the most aesthetically-pleasing marijuana strains around. White Tahoe Cookies is distributed by the Archive Seed Bank, and is certainly worth trying if only so you can enjoy the sweet, flavorful notes with obvious OG undertones.

5. Strawberry Banana. This indica dominant hybrid is a cross of Crocket’s Banana Kush and Strawberry Bubblegum, and was developed by those crazy creative geniuses at Serious Seeds. It is a mainstay on the High Times ‘Strongest Strains on Earth’ list, having been selected three years in a row.

Whatever strain you decide to try, remember that the terms ‘strong’ and ‘potent’ don’t always have to mean ‘high-quality.’ However, we have worked hard to find (what we expect to be) the world’s most powerful marijuana strains for 2019; strains that are leading the way today in terms of a kick-ass high, and strains that will also likely lead to a memorable and enjoyable experience for many years to come.