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It is time for the holidays, and you know what that means. Whenever we get to these periods of time, we are going to face one thing that can cause frustration for some and joy for others: holiday parties. That’s right, with the holidays come social festivities. We get invited to work parties and we are invited to gatherings with friends. We have the typical “holiday” interactions with the family and parties being thrown by our work. We go to holiday parties that our SO’s drag us along to. In November and December, there are no lack of holiday parties you may attend.

This, as a Coloradan, or anyone in a recreational state, presents a conundrum for us that we must navigate. We have to determine when do we smoke or when do we not smoke; at both the event itself and even before attending the event. We have to sometimes navigate the fact that yes, while it is legal to smoke in Colorado, we should always be careful of when and where we are smoking with others. Especially before attending any public event.

It is great we live in a place where weed is legal and even better that society is becoming all that much more accepting of the plant. The last thing we need is to be the people who get too high at the family holiday party and convince all our out of state relatives to vote against pot when it comes to their state ballots. Because in the world of smoking, we are often not alone in how our choices impact those around us.

Here are some helpful tips in figuring out when to smoke or not at the holiday gatherings.

Do Other People Smoke

The first question you should be asking yourself is whether or not other people at the party smoke. If we are here in Colorado or a state where cannabis is legal, this question might be answered for you. But you should never assume. You know the people who you will be surrounded by. If you are attending a friend’s holiday party, and everyone there imbibes, safe to assume you are in the clear. In these cases, you probably shouldn’t just prepare to smoke but also bring weed along. On the flip side, if you are attending a family gathering with relatives who hate pot, good idea not to smoke before or during the event. Just to be respectful and careful of how people might react.

The first question is whether the people around you smoke as well. Move from there.

What is the Context

Context always matters. Kind of like who else there smokes but setting also matters. Let us say you are going to a work party. Everyone there might smoke, and you might know everyone there smokes. But just because your boss gets high on their off time, this still doesn’t mean you should use the corporate-sponsored event to get hammered. Think about the implications of if you were the drunkest or highest person at the Christmas party. We have all seen that person before. Don’t be that person. There is a time and place for some casual or regular consumption. Figure out what this is based on the context of where you are going.

What Are You Smoking

Couch lock can be great when you want to chill out and watch a movie. Couch lock is not fun when you are supposed to be interacting with a ton of people. It can be awkward for you and the people around you when you are the person at the party zoning off and staring into nothing. When smoking in public, in any social situation really, you should be certain you are using the right type of cannabis to produce the right high. Maybe sometimes at the end of the night people want to go for the fall asleep indica, that is fine. Other times there are those moments where the entire group might want to smoke something to get a little heady and hungry before you sit down for the meal.

Figuring out what to bring to smoke is a good idea when preplanning. If you know you are going to smoke with people at an event, just ask them what they would love for you to bring. And having a variety can always work as well. Figuring out what to smoke at any social party comes down to context and the people who are a part of this event.

How High are You Getting

The last question on the stoner holiday party list is again related to the weed you are smoking. Once you have figured out whether it is appropriate to smoke with people at or before the event, and you know what type of weed might be preferred, the last piece to figure out is how high you are going to get.

After a bit of time smoking, you are likely going to figure out what you enjoy and do not enjoy. You realize your threshold and tolerance levels and how different weeds impact you. From there, the aspect to consider is how high you are getting. Again, this comes down to the determining of what everyone around you is seeking out and what you need to do.

The last piece to consider with this type of situation is you will likely want to figure out what exactly other people want to do and how you can help them get there. This is especially true in situations of mixed company. If you are in a place where you are with people with mixed tolerance and smoking habits, where people might be visiting from out of town or they have not smoked for years, make sure you are helping these people through the experience. It can be awesome when your out of town friend wants to get high with you. Even cooler when a family member asks you about smoking. The last thing you want, however, is to be known as the person who got Uncle Johnny too high and ruined the family holiday


When smoking around the holidays, you are offered the opportunity to introduce a new element of joy into the festivities. As with many things smoking related or in the consumption of cannabis, be careful about this. Make sure when you smoke, you are paying attention to the people around you. Depending on the circumstances, cannabis can be the thing that accelerates your party or leaves you feeling like the odd person out. Make sure you are aware and respectful of those around you. The best thing that can happen is you get high at the right time. The worst thing is you piss off people in your life. Using some street smarts can help prevent this.