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Co.alition Bags

If you buy one product for a friend or loved one this winter, you need to check out Co.alition Bags. This company is an urban backpack built around the idea of keeping us connected to our technology, making a great gift for any wearer. I found out about Co.alition through word of mouth and I’m glad I did because after seeing their bags in person, I can tell you these are superbly crafted items with a definite functionality for their user.

Co.alition stemmed from a need determined by the two founders, Casey and Jeff, while they were away on a business trip. Having already successfully created the outdoor pack line MHM, the two were traveling to Japan and unfortunately all they had were their outdoor packs. What Casey described to me wasn’t a loss of need, their outdoor line works great and is superb quality, but instead a loss of functionality. Whether it was moving through airport security or fitting in places like crowded subway cars, their MHM bags stood out and were not designed for these spaces. Thus, their new company Co.alition was born. And good thing it was.

Currently, the Co.alition line offers two backpacks, and they are looking to expand into the near future. For Co.alition, their design sense is immediately present in the color choices, clean layouts and great features. Currently, they offer both bags in the colors of charcoal and cement. Each of their two existing options are designed for shorter trips. The first is their Federal, a 22-liter bag capable of holding your basics. With the size and shape of the bag, this one is the perfect carry-on for holding a laptop and a few other essential items you might need for work. Next there is The Colfax, a much larger bag designed to carry 25 liters. Although the difference in size might not seem like that much, after viewing both of these in their store, it matters. Where The Federal would be great as an everyday bag, The Colfax is just large enough, offering its users room to store enough items for a good weekend trip.

The layout of each pack was created very intentionally to keep your electronic goods separate from the main compartment, making it easy to protect your higher priced gear while also fitting in the essentials. Especially with The Colfax, you can comfortably live out of this thing for two or three days on the road, depending on how you pack. Both bags also come with a built in rain jacket for extra protection.

The other great features about these bags, and the one it is essential to highlight, are The other great features about these bags which are essential to highlight are their ability to connect and enhance your technology. Both bags come with some options for serious upgrades. You can add a portable power pack and a wireless hard drive to each of the bags. The power pack is nestled directly in your bag, but has a port to charge on the outside for ease of access. This means when you charge it you do not need to remove the power pack. The technology behind the power pack is also seamless, allowing you to charge your pack from the wall and charge a device off the pack simultaneously, a unique feature for portable charges. The wireless hard drives come in options of 500 MB, 1 TB or 2 TB meaning that you have plenty of room to store data. These devices can last for eight days without needing another charge and can connect to up to 8 devices. The result is that these beauties will sync  to your tech as you go, making sure you never lose files when on the road.

Co.alition is fantastic not only because it offers great products, but they also come from a great company. The founders are easy-going people who are willing to chase their dreams, having seen a need and met it not once, but twice. If you are looking for a nice gift for a loved one who is plugged in and on the go, these are your bags. Even if you are looking for a gift for the thrifty college student looking to make the most of their time, again, these are your bags. With the ability to last and supporting technology designed by experts, you cannot go wrong with Co.alition.

Check out the Co.alition website for further product information.

The Roll-uh-bowl

The Roll-uh-bowl is a portable water pipe that you can take with you almost anywhere. The product is great in that it is small, durable and does the job. When rolled up, these products can easily fit into your normal backpack, a pack for hiking, a purse or even your pocket. The Roll-uh-bowl is a staple for anyone who wants to get high on the go, but excels for people who are outdoors a lot.

Not only is the Roll-uh-bowl designed for smoking on the go, but it can also convert to a kit for concentrates meaning dabbing is never out of your reach. The material it is made out of is high-quality silicone meaning it is safe to smoke out of, but also easy to clean in the sink or even in the dishwasher.

With many of their products starting at $35, there is no reason not to get one today! Visit their website to see their products.

O.penVAPE vapRwear Hoodies

When two great cannabis companies collaborate, you know you should watch out. O.penVape makes great electronic vape pens we all love for their discreet ability to get us high. VapRwear has continued to distinguish itself with high-quality clothing that lets you enjoy your smoking in a casual way. Together, their hoodies designed for both men and women are too good to miss out.

Their combination product is designed as a medium-weight sweatshirt, making it perfect for layering or in the lighter colds. When purchased, these hoodies include a pen case, USB charger, battery, an empty cartridge and a hose accommodating any size of O.penVAPE cartridge. If you are looking for apparel for the special smoker in your life or even for a friend, you cannot go wrong with this item. For both men and women, these hoodies are a hit.

Don’t forget to stop by the O.penVAPE and VapRwear sites.

The Bungaloo

Looking for a variety of gifts but not sure what to get? The Bungaloo offers a great selection of products covering a wide variety of areas. Think minimalistic and beautiful design combined across prints, shirts, greeting cards and other goods. This shop has everything from beer mugs to shot glasses to tote bags. It also offers a great local feel of Colorado from a local business with trendy designs in mind.

The great thing about the Bungaloo is that even if you do not want to buy a print for your friend, you can still get some small gifts reminiscent of the Colorado wild. Make sure to check their shop out for those small little stocking stuffers or extra gifts you cannot find anywhere else.

Buckley Omega

A non-weed apparel company, located here in Denver, Buckley Omega has a wide variety of great clothing available to channel your inner-Colorado feel in style. Bringing the unique culture built in the city of Denver, the beautiful outdoor landscapes offered by the Rockies and all of the exciting cultures in-between, Buckley Omega offers casual clothing for a variety of people. From T-shirts to hats to sweaters and more, this shop has a great product offering for all.

With countless Colorado-themed items, the great news is you do not need to buy someone an entire new closet of clothes. It might just be one Denver-based hat or the right t-shirt to remind an out of town friend of their great time here in the city. Check out their store and you might be surprised with what you find. With an ever-growing line of products you cannot go wrong.