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Denver Post Report Presents Ugly Side of Pesticide Use

Not everything is always peachy in the cannabis industry. We are not the type of people who pretend cannabis is great at all times. There are some downsides to our world here in Colorado. A recent investigative report by the Denver Post found that due to lack of federal oversight and pressure from inside the industry, state regulators aren’t able to monitor pesticide use in cannabis to the degree they originally hoped to. There are still regulations in place, but it is important for consumers to consider this: our industry is not perfect. Be careful where you are buying flower from and pay attention to what you are smoking.

Oregon Beings Legal Recreational Sales

We have covered this in the past but on Oct. 1, Oregon began selling cannabis legally on the recreational side. It will be interesting to watch how this evolves over time but congratulations to Oregon for this great move forward. We are excited about the state and to see what comes next.

Oregon Expunges Cannabis Convictions

A double whammy in Oregon this past month. Not only has the state begun to sell recreational cannabis, but in following a similar trend, Oregon will also be expunging past cannabis convictions. The state is placing an emphasis on those who were under 21 at the time of the conviction. This is another great step for cannabis and hopefully will continue to spread across other states as they legalize and visit the silliness that was past draconian pot laws.

Medical Marijuana Patients Engage in Healthier Substance Habits

A new study published in the journal Drug and Alcohol Review found that cannabis users are less likely to consume alcohol and illegally obtained painkillers than their peers in the study. This is important because it continues to help push back against the “cannabis is a gateway drug myth” that has pervaded society for years. Where many tried to demonize cannabis, we are actually finding our users are balanced in consumption.