Study Finds Biking While High is Okay

A new study coming out of German and Austrian researchers presented some great information for all stoners who own bikes. The researchers, after doing repeated test with 14 subjects found that participants were at no more risk biking while high than sober counterparts. Good news for bikers but remember, it is still illegal to drive while stoned in the US

Oregon begins Tax Increase on Recreational Marijuana

After a three-month tax holiday, Oregon is now imposing a 25 percent sales tax on recreational marijuana sales. This tax will decrease over time but for now, dispensary owners are hoping it will not hurt their sales too highly but only time will tell. Dispensary owners are adapting differently to the tax with some absorbing it and others placing it on the customer. We will see what strategy works best.

New York Launches Medical Marijuana Sales

January marks a significant time in New York as the state is launching its new initiative on medical marijuana. Although NY state is still spiraling around the drain on recreational legalization, it is a great step in the continued direction of recognizing marijuana as a cure for ailments, something we all know and have seen countless times.

Marijuana Breathalyzers Coming Soon

In a move that will upset some but really will be better for many is the fact that an Oakland-based company, Hound Labs, is creating a breathalyzer that can detect active THC on an individual’s breath along with alcohol. The bad news is if someone gets pulled over after smoking, the better news is that right now most police departments rely on blood test to gauge these levels but since THC can remain in the blood long after smoking, these breathalyzers might save some people in the act of driving, saving lives and money for all.

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