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Preferred Organic Therapy lists themselves as one of the best medical dispensaries in the state of Colorado. And they claim to have some of the best concentrates and shatters around. Having explored their product offerings, I might just say both. It is rare you fall in love with a dispensary right away, it takes some time and experimentation really before you ever just absolutely love something. Well, I can tell you, Preferred Organic Therapy is love at first sight Read more about my review below and hear why I think so highly, pun intended, of Preferred Organic Therapy.

As a part of my review, I also want to state I bought two indica strains from them. As with all my work, I always note I bought my weed at market price from the shop and received no compensation for this review.

Product Thoughts

For our product review piece, we tried out two different offerings from Preferred Organic Therapy. First was the Molasses Cookies, one of their in-house grown strains. An indica dominant hybrid, the strain still provided a moderate high for someone who doesn’t love experiencing “couch lock.” The taste behind the strain was great, the smoke entirely smooth as it entered my lungs and little pains were felt in the inhale and exhale. I loved smoking the flower and would go back for more any day. Where indicas are not my favorite, Preferred Organic Therapy offers a wonderful option of in-house flowers, making them worth the experience.

Next, we tried the TerpX shatter; a house made brand that again, comes with quite the wallop. Their Gorilla Glue shatter is perfect for THC Dabs. Offering a high out of this world, this product quickly became an office favorite. We loved the opportunity to smoke it every chance we got and thankfully, it was relatively mellow in our office and we were able to stay fully functional on the product. We were high, I promise you that, but the high was the perfect hybrid high people often desire, the mix of the heady and the calm relaxation of the body. Although this was the only house shatter we tried, I know that Preferred Organic Therapy prides themselves on their shatter offerings and the results shine through when you smoke them. Bang for your buck, the offerings this dispensary has are all bang.


Quality of Cannabis
Their weed, shatter, concentrates, you name it – they are premium stuff. Across the board, all of these products are amazing; they will blow you away and get you high at the same time. Often when smoking, you hear a dispensary describe their weed as having a certain flavor, yet when you smoke it, it offers you a little sensation of anything different. It might have a little taste, but the emphasis is on the little piece. That is the thing about Preferred Organic Therapy – when they tell you about how great their weed is, this quickly becomes evident. I don’t know if I have ever tasted flower this great, this flavorful. Their weed pops. It explodes in your mouth. It is sometimes like eating a handful of Skittles and tasting the rainbow. It is a great flavor, and one everyone should try. No matter what weed you buy, it is worth smoking.

Budtender & Customer Service
These are some of the nicest bud tenders you will ever meet, hands down. Period. From the second you walk in their shop, the team at Preferred Organic Therapy is there to assist you. Depending on the customer load at the time, the group of trained staff is willing to spend as much time as they can working with you. For some customers, it is a quick in and out experience. For others, it takes time. For the bud tenders there, it doesn’t matter. Across my time visiting the store, the bud tenders spent considerable amounts of time both with me and with the other customers. You could tell they were patient and excited. Their job wasn’t just something they had to do, it was something they loved doing, and this was truly a passion project for them.

Product Education
Never before have I been given so much information. Often, you can show up at a shop, and they will answer a few questions. Sometimes they will tell you about your strains. Many times the experience is there, but it is nothing to write home about it. Preferred Organic Therapy is much different in what they offer. They are willing to spend a considerable amount of time with you to get you the weed you desire. Whether walking you through the testing results, helping you explore what is going to offer you the best high you desire, or just talking about new product offerings, the team has all the information you need and more. They do a great job of offering you all of this at the pace you need. It truly is a great customer service-driven experience.


I always hate listing these types of things as a con because it comes down to showcasing how much we can value modern luxuries. The worst, and only complaint, that I have about Preferred Organic Therapy, is that their location near Glendale on Colorado Blvd and I-25 is too far away. It is not that dramatic to get to their store, it is just hard to get there in the daytime if I am at work or fighting against traffic after I get off. The location of Preferred Organic Therapy is the only con, and that is saying a lot. If you get nothing else from the review, know this: this dispensary is worth the drive. The product they offer is well worth making the effort to get there.


You cannot miss out on the flower offered at Preferred Organic Therapy, especially for medical patients. This is one of the greatest shops I have been to in town and it is easy for me to say I will be back after the great experience I had with the staff and bud offered by this store.