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The Lowdown – January 2016 | The Ganja Gazette
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Northern Colorado may not be as saturated as Denver is when it comes to the amount of dispensaries available to us, but we still have a decent amount to choose from. This month I decided to check out Smokey’s 420 House which has locations in Fort Collins and Greeley for medical and recreational customers.

I’m not going to lie, I was a little confused when I walked inside and, after checking my ID, the budtender guided me to a counter where I could only see pipes and other smoking devices. Surely, I thought, there was a misunderstanding, they must need to take me to the back room where all the weed is. The reasoning soon became clear. My budtender reached down into a cabinet and pulled out a tray with sampler jars of all of their weed and explained to me the different pricing tables based off the color of each jar’s lid. This isn’t like a lot of places where you’re not allowed to touch anything. They specifically have these sampler jars set aside from the batch that they sell so that you can look at it all you want without worrying about contaminating anything. They even give you a pair of tweezers to poke around and see if it’s what you really want.

All of the bud is premeasured and packaged in a separate area so getting in and out is quick and painless. Unless, that is, you get absorbed into their daily specials and rewards program. You can always find yourself a deal here. When I went, it was “Thirsty Thursday” and there was a special discount on drinks. Other specials include “Munchie Monday” and “Shatterday”, so if you go in, plan your trip around what you want to buy to get the best deal. They also have a rewards program which is quick and painless to sign up for and earns you points for every dollar you spend.

I got 10% off my total bill just for signing up and yes, you can combine that
discount with whatever daily special is going on. You can redeem the points you earn for things like a Smokey’s lighter or t-shirt. I know I’ll be saving up for that shirt as soon as I can because wearing it in to the shop gives you another discount on everything you buy which can also be combined with other deals and it doesn’t look too bad, either.

I decided to try two different strains while I was there: Durbin Poison, a long-time favorite of mine, and Thin Mint, one which was recommended to me by the budtender because it’s a derivative of Durbin. At $14 per gram it cost a little more than I had hoped for, but both strains look and smell amazing. The Durbin is covered in tiny crystals and smells like fresh-cut pine wood, and the Thin Mint is a nice dark green with spots of deep, deep purple and a lighter, sweeter scent. I guess the pricing reflects the fact that they expect you to get everything heavily discounted or in bulk (their eighths are 4 grams, so no worries about the budtender meticulously trying to break up your nugs to get exactly 3.54 grams on the scale).

Overall I was very impressed with how streamlined the whole process was from checking in, to buying my weed, even to signing up for the rewards program. I’ll be sure to go back when I have a little more cash to throw down on at least an eighth or try out some of their daily deals and start building up points so I can get some sweet rewards.

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