Nature’s Herbs and Wellness is the epitome of a family run business. They are also the epitome of a business rooted in the marijuana industry of Colorado. Having started their business with the advent of the medical marijuana business, this dispensary and its owners have seen it all. Many members of their staff are members of the extended family or friends. Overall, this shop has created a phenomenal community of regular shoppers. From their loyalty program to their fantastic product offerings, Nature’s Herbs and Wellness is worth checking out for any stoner seeking out high-quality product in Colorado. This set of dispensaries consistently offers its buyers a great selection, rewards loyal members and offers you the best information you need when getting high.

Amazing Grown Weed

Nature’s Herbs and Wellness defines the epitome of local and organic weed. This dispensary is 100% self-sustaining, growing all of their weed in-house. They maintain a wonderful grow operation and specialize in the weed they sell. On both the medical and recreational side of the table, the dispensary produces a high quality of bud and they produce this high quality consistently. This is the type of the place that maintains a loyal customer base because they know how to get you high, and how to get you high well. The consistency offered by the store is perfect when considering there are times when products are constantly rotating in other places. This is not true at Nature’s Herbs. You know what you are getting time and time again. They are pretty strict in their grow process too, meaning you are not going to find yourself with bad weed.

Phenomenal Specials & Loyalty Program

This shop is all about local business. They are the epitome of the American dream, and they make sure to take care of their customers. From regular emails they send out to their customers to coupon specials offered throughout multiple periodicals, the store does a fantastic job taking care of their customers. Almost every day of the week they are running a special, making them the perfect place to go when you are short on cash but want some dank product.

The specials are also fairly consistent. The dispensaries do a great job of planning and preparing for their specials each week meaning they are stocked up, can accommodate some buyers and you know what you are going to receive when you go to the store. For specials alone, they are worth a visit.

The company also offers a great loyalty program. Signing up is entirely free, but when you do sign up, you open your world to a variety of monthly specials and updates sent to you. These specials are never cumbersome or intrusive, but instead sent through text many times right to your phone. This loyalty program also allows you to accrue points with every purchase. The loyalty program is a great way to build a regular relationship with the dispensary while still benefiting. Even better, it is free and convenient. There is no lack of benefits to the loyalty program.

Great Product Lines

Nature’s Herb and Wellness not only grows great weed, but they also use this weed in a creative arena in the creation of a variety of products. Two main highlights about Nature’s Herbs and Wellness are the Cannaspa product line along with Nature’s Kitchen edibles. Cannaspa specializes in products for skin care and personal use. These products include lotions, ointments, topicals and other products meant for personal use. They are made with the same high level of care as their weed and thus, provide a great incentive to try something new. I never thought of a personal lubrication oil made from cannabis, but let me tell you, they did. With Cannaspa, it is easy to explore the various products and see what there is to offer. You might find things you never imagined such as pain relieving creams or massage oils. The product line is high quality and fun to play around with.

Nature’s Kitchen is a fantastic little edible line also made in-house. The bakers who designed these edibles are experts at combining the culinary arts and cannabis. They have done a great job of offering an inventive product line of great tasting treats that pack a punch. Where they have the standard weed treats you see in other places, there are a few notable ones which stand out. The Zombie Brains were a personal favorite along with the gummies. These edibles have a great high; I enjoyed the variety I tried and how much care was placed in them. The taste was also great. Many don’t care about the taste of edibles. Personally, I still want what I am eating to leave a nice aftertaste in my mouth. These edibles definitely lie in the area of providing you with a great taste while also offering a fantastic high.


With three locations in Colorado, there is no reason not to visit a Nature’s Herbs and Wellness store. They have a great loyalty program, amazing customer service, knowledgeable team members and fantastic weed. I enjoyed my experience and loved every second of buying weed. I also loved smoking their product, trying their interesting lotions and testing out their edibles. No matter what you are looking for, if it’s pot related, you cannot go wrong with a visit to their store.

Check them out online HERE!

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