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For the longest time, High Times Cannabis Cup has been considered one of the premier events of cannabis-based judging across the country. If you wanted information about what to smoke and who to buy it from, you paid attention to this competition. It provided insight into what experts considered to be the best strains and provided the average consumer with an idea of who was going above and beyond in matters of genetic care.

Where the Cannabis Cup can still be seen as a great event in the industry, especially when it comes to finding the best weed, it will soon have some competition. You see, in the upcoming months, a new event is happening in the industry and it could give the Cannabis Cup a run for its money.

The Grow-Off

The Grow-Off is a collaborative event taking place with the guidance from Cannabis Critics for The Denver Post’s The Cannabist, Jake Browne and Sohum Shah, Dark Horse Genetics, Cultivate Colorado, and Steep Hill Analytical Laboratory. These entities have come together, bringing years of industry experience and knowledge, to create a one of a kind experience.

Things will be a little bit different for The Grow-Off in that all participants are going to start off on the same level of work. At Cannabis Cup, the backgrounds of what is being tested can be seen as so vastly different that really, making comparisons is like looking at apples and oranges, yes they are both fruits, but that’s pretty much where the similarities end.

For The Grow-Off, all participants start with the same genetics. Participants are given clones cut from the same mother and how each grower chooses how to utilize these clones is up to them. There is nothing stopping them from making changes in the growing process, but the start is the same for each of them.

From there, entries will be judged for three categories; yield, potency, and flavor with the last two being determined by Steep Hill. The idea behind laboratory testing is to help consumers find the best, most potent flowers by providing them with hard data.

Lastly, the cool part of The Grow-Off is the fact that the strain being used is pretty rare. Very rare in fact. Dark Horse Genetics, who is well known in the industry for their award-winning strains, is providing the clone, a unique strain they have spent the last two years cultivating.

With such an interesting set of characteristics behind The Grow-Off and a level playing field, it is extremely interesting to see what the results are and to watch this competition as it elevates what it means to work in the field of cannabis.

More information on The Grow-Off can be found online at thegrowoff.com