The Cost Of Getting High Worldwide

By: Ben Jackson

Weed is increasingly becoming a popular alternative to pharmaceuticals as medical marijuana become more readily available. Let’s look at the price comparison and legalization of marijuana from around the world!

If you’re planning on traveling and sampling marijuana worldwide, you’re going to want to understand the cost of weed around the globe. If money is no object, then you’re not going to be as concerned, but if you’re budget conscious or just like to learn, understanding the price of marijuana from around the world will prevent you from being ripped off. Since marijuana is still largely illegal, it’s not an easy enough task to collect data on its sales price. The following data was originally compiled by the UN’s Office on Drugs and Crime, as well Seedo, a company which produces devices aimed at weed growers. They intended to highlight the growing need for regulation and the benefits which could be achieved through legalization.

The study considered data from over 120 cities around the world, somewhere marijuana is legal, semi-legal, or illegal. The chief marketing officer of Seedo, Uri Zeevi, said: “By eliminating the criminal component of marijuana, governments could regulate production in a more secure manner, robbing criminal gangs of their power and—as we show in this study—generating enormous tax revenues for the development of countries.” To account for their findings, they surveyed the local price per gram and utilized the findings from the 2017 World Drug Report by the UNODC. Obviously, the prices fluctuate daily depending on local events, quality, and other forces which may influence prices.

The study came up with several very interesting findings. Some of these were:

• Tokyo was lucky, or unlucky depending on your point of view, to be the winner with the highest
price of weed per gram. On average, in Tokyo, you’ll be paying approximately $33 per gram for

• The cities with the cheapest marijuana in the world were Quito, Ecuador, and Bogotá, Columbia.
You’ll only be paying between $1.34 and $2.20 per gram in these two South American cities.

• Out of all the cities surveyed, New York, USA came in with the highest average consumption with
77.4 metric tons of cannabis consumed every year.

• Even though it’s illegal and you can face very harsh penalties, Jakarta, Indonesia still came in
at a very reasonable $3.79 per gram compared to Boston, USA, where it’s partially legal, and the
average price was $11.01 per gram.

The Top Ten Cities with the Highest Prices for Weed Per Gram Were:

1. Tokyo, Japan (illegal) $32.66 per gram.
2. Seoul, South Korea (illegal) $32.44 per gram.
3. Kyoto, Japan (illegal) $29.65 per gram.
4. Hong Kong, China (illegal) $12.48 per gram.
5. Bangkok, Thailand (partial) $24.81 per gram.
6. Dublin, Ireland (illegal) $21.63 per gram.
7. Tallinn, Estonia (partial) $20.98 per gram.
8. Shanghai, China (illegal) $20.82 per gram.
9. Beijing, China (illegal) $20.52 per gram.
10. Oslo, Norway (partial) $19.14 per gram.

The Top Ten Cities with the Lowest Prices for Weed Per Gram Were:

1. Quito, Ecuador (partial) $1.34 per gram.
2. Bogota, Colombia (partial) $2.20 per gram.
3. Asuncion, Paraguay (partial) $2.22 per gram.
4. Jakarta, Indonesia (illegal) $3.79 per gram.
5. Panama City, Panama (illegal) $3.85 per gram.
6. Johannesburg, South Africa (illegal) $4.01 per gram.
7. Montevideo, Uruguay (legal) $4.15 per gram.
8. Astana, Kazakhstan (illegal) $4.22 per gram.
9. Antwerp, Belgium (partial) $4.29 per gram.
10. New Delhi, India (partial) $4.38 per gram.

What is interesting is the effects of enforcement in countries where marijuana is illegal. Where enforcement is relaxed, and penalties are low, the price is considerably lower in most cases despite it being illegal. While in some countries where it’s 100% legal, and readily accessible, the price is still high. The topography of countries can also affect the price of marijuana in that country. Countries which are isolated and have easily enforceable borders have higher prices of marijuana because of lower amounts of marijuana being grown or imported. Compare your city to the list and see how it stacks up against some of the other countries. Quality is another big factor in determining results. What many people consider high-quality weed in one city, others may consider being much lower quality in their own city.

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