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For this month’s issue of The Bean, we are taking a short trip to the corner of Holly St. and Florida Ave. where Sojourner’s Coffee & Tea lies. I first discovered Sojourner’s when I was visiting Denver a couple months back on a hot summer day and I found myself with some time to kill. It happened to be the closest coffee shop that Google found, so I decided to drop in for a quick drink to take on the go. I sat down for a minute to rest my legs as I waited for my drink and before I knew it, hours had passed and I had to peel myself out of my seat and force myself to leave.

The atmosphere is very relaxed and offers a place to socialize or work on projects while admiring the aesthetic. True to their name, Sojourner’s boasts a travel theme with memorabilia like globes and travel cases scattered throughout and photos and postcards from around the world along the walls. A third wall is devoted to a featured artist and this month’s artist, Kery Allen, has settled on a skull theme. As I sip my coffee, the brightly adorned skulls of deer, rodents and an elephant stare down at me, but nothing about it is unsettling, they only add to the vibrancy of the room.
Ah yes, about the coffee. Today I ordered an Americano, my drink of choice for the last year or so. It’s a simple drink, but there is no way to mask any mistakes made in the roasting or brewing process. All I can say is the espresso here is fantastic. Roasted just to the right point for a bold rich flavor with hints of chocolate and caramel hiding underneath the earthy overtones. The drink finishes with a nice, clean, creamy aftertaste with none of the bitterness you’ll find in an over-roasted bean.

This should come as no surprise seeing as owner Michael Brown learned his methods after touring countless cafes around Denver and studying at the American Barista and Coffee School in Portland, Oregon. It’s clear from the first sip that this man knows his craft and as I finish my drink I’m tempted to order another, but I know that my brief visit has come to an end and I must start my long journey back home.

Sojourner’s has quickly become a favorite for me and I try to stop by at every chance I get when I find myself in Denver. I have yet to find another place where I can get such great coffee at such a great price anywhere in town. If you’re looking for a quick cup of black sludge to gulp down on your way to work then by all means, stick to your chains, but if you want quality coffee for a great price, take the time to visit Sojourner’s and I promise, you won’t be disappointed with what you find.