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The Bean — Margie’s Java Joint | The Ganja Gazette
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Over 20 years ago, Margie’s Java Joint was created as a last minute addition to The Book Stop on 16th Street and 10th Avenue in Greeley. Originally, the idea was to use the space strictly for a college bookstore, but after everything was said and done, there was still so much space left in the building that had to be filled. Different ideas were thrown around about what to do with the space before the owners settled on the idea of a coffee house (remember – this was before you could find a Starbucks in every Barnes and Noble and the idea was still novel).

The area became a favorite for UNC students and other Greeley residents who came for the coffee and stayed for the ambiance. With a friendly staff, mismatched furniture, and local art, it gave off the feeling that everybody was welcome. No matter how different or strange you may be, you were no more different than anybody else and you were no more strange than the doll which stared up at you through a glass pane in the floor. It created a community of unique individuals who all fit together simply because they didn’t fit together. Coupled with events like live music and art shows, it was easy to lose yourself and just become part of the community.

Through several changes in ownership, Margie’s Java Joint was renamed to The Blue Mug at Margie’s and it now shares a space with a local grocery store, but little else has changed. You can still find the same ambiance and friendly faces which originally formed such a unique community.

One of the coolest things about walking into Margie’s, and there are a lot of them, is that you feel like you’ve found some secret, hidden place in the middle of town. As you walk towards the door off 16th Street you enter into a courtyard sandwiched between two buildings where there are tables for outdoor seating. Then as you come through the door, you can almost still smell the must of books mixing with freshly brewed coffee.

The drinks here aren’t expensive, but they still taste like they are. The coffee is good black or with cream, or you can try one of their own creations with flavors like chocolate banana or almond. Not sure what to get? Try one of their recommendations or just go crazy mixing syrup flavors until you come up with something good. Pair it with one of their pastries and you’ve got yourself a solid breakfast or light lunch to take with you on the go or sit down and enjoy it with a local magazine.

This is my favorite place to get coffee in Greeley and it’s perfect for working, reading, studying, meetings, or even just taking a break and relaxing. Bring along whatever project you’re working on or just bring a friend and enjoy the experience. Whatever you do, be sure to save some time to take a look around and enjoy all the art.

Margie’s Java Joint
931 16th St, Greeley, CO 80631
(970) 356-6364