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There’s something that stands out to me about Denver – its ability to shun the mainstream and embrace the counter culture. Whether it’s music, legal herb, fashion, lifestyle, or coffee. Especially coffee. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: “Fuck Starbucks”. With a plethora of tiny bean and brew shops popping up all over the city, Denver is quickly becoming a coffee mecca – putting a whole new definition and quality to the term ‘wake ‘n bake’. Nestled into the south end of the Navajo Art District, right next to Highland Tavern, is a java haus that stands out among the rest – Black Eyed Coffee. In a city where well inked and well mustachioed baristas are synonymous with an exceptional leaf-crowned cortado or an aromatic chemex pour-over of single origin El Salvadorian blend, Black Eye does not disappoint on either end. Today I had the cortado, where the thick, bitter-sweet crema lasted until the very last drop. I was very much inclined to swipe my finger through the cup so I could get every last morsel. In lieu of embarrassing myself, I simply ordered another. “What the hell,” I said. It was Saturday morning and the buzz from my hybrid O.pen (Granddaddy Purps X Phnom Penh) was kicking into full gear.

With this order, I also decided to indulge in their “meatie” breakfast sandwich featuring a fresh chorizo patty and a runny egg between two toasted ends of english muffin. I was in heaven. The sammie didn’t stand a chance. I’m not even sure I chewed.

Beyond the beans, what really makes Black Eye Coffee stand out is their menu and bakery offerings. More than a few small plates adorn their food menu and they entice you at the order counter with several scrumptious, sweet and savory pastries that make it nearly impossible to settle on just a cuppa joe. There isn’t a single item that I wouldn’t consider ordering.

To round out the coffee house ambiance, Black Eye has left the interior brick of the old Santa Fe style structure to give it a rustic feel. It blends well with their vintage decor featuring a subway tile bar, and a few distinct pieces of furniture that give you a glimpse into style of yesteryear.

Black Eye Coffee is very much a neighborhood joint. Any given morning, you’ll find folks ordering their post-workout coffee, suits gearing up for their day at the office, or local designer parked at a table creating beauty on her MacBook – all this above the buzz and din of the espresso machine. If you find yourself lost in LoHi, consider stopping by, order an espresso, indulge in a pastry, and enjoy.

Click HERE to check out Black Eye Coffee.