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LA Confidential is widely known as being a quality and well-rounded strain. Even though it is a pure Indica, it has a consistent and clean high that keeps you focused and upbeat and doesn’t leave you bogged down or slumped into the couch. There are some subtle psychedelic effects but is also exceedingly calming on the mind and body. Just like smoking weed should be, an elated state of your awake and conscious self. This is one of those strains you just have to pick up if you come across it.

Upon first glance LA Confidential is stunningly vibrant and abounding. The buds were absolutely laminated in crystals and felt dense as dirt. When breaking them apart it felt like they had this aerated and almost packing-peanut quality to them. Once you start to break them down, they basically start to melt, no need for a grinder here. They give off an exceptionally sweet and earthy aroma that is quite pungent and definitely smells dank.

This is some highly smokable herb right here. It has this classically smooth taste that gives the essence of pine and citrus, something definitely on the sweeter side. The effects take place quickly, yet gradually and you feel very content once you are stoned. It’s not overbearing on any of your senses and really just begs you to relax. The taste doesn’t linger whatsoever and there’s minimal sign of cottonmouth. The comedown is cohesive with your typical sativa, slightly drowsy and perhaps a bit introspective. All around this is an excellent strain that will always leave the desire for more.