Giving off an earthy and floral aroma that surprises you with sweet and citrusy undertones. After indulging in it’s essence we broke up this crystally and almost cotton-candy-like bud into the bong to get an all-encompassing taste. We found this strain to be exceptionally smooth and smoke-able. The taste is fresh and bright, reminiscent of a delightful, sunny afternoon. Perfect for the Summer weather. The high takes effect almost immediately and sends your mind into an ascent towards euphoria. Some have described this particular strain to invoke a giggly and energetic high, definitely the characteristics and flavor profile of its parent strains Trainwreck and Jack the Ripper. We suggest this strain to anyone looking to feel relaxed while maintaining an elated headspace. While there is an initial rush, as with any quality sativa, we did find that the come down left us a bit drowsy… but ready for another bowl.


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