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Strain Review

Chemmy Jones – Sativa Hybrid

By: Gazette Staff

Chemmy Jones is a crossbreed of two of the most iconic strains of all time Chemdawg and Casey Jones. This uplifting and revitalizing strain is like a second wind on long day. The dense nuggets are rich with orange hairs glued together with a hearty layer of keif. Often these buds tend to have a pungent diesel smell that derives from its chemdawg origin with a staunch earthy aroma that typically comes from the Casey Jones. There’s not much sweetness on this flavor profile, it’s more of a savory tasting strain. The transaction of smoking is smooth and consistent and has a nice tangy aftertaste that lingers throughout your sinuses. After about 15-20 minutes you’ll notice a very mellow and relaxing high start to take effect. This strain is an excellent stress reliever and can also help with other ailments like depression or anxiety. Unlike most strains, Chemmy Jones doesn’t have much of a come down. No tired eyes or sluggishness, more of a feeling of rejuvenation. Take that as a sign of encouragement to load yourself another bowl.


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