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Strain Review – Flo and Kaviar Moon Rock | The Ganja Gazette
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Strain Review

Flo Sativa Hybrid + Kaviar Moon Rock

By: Gazette Staff

Flo – Sativa Dominant Hybrid

Flo is one of the most renowned strains in the industry today. Created by crossing Purple Thai with Afghani Indica, this medical marijuana strain got its nickname for its remarkable ability to harvest numerous times. The plant is described as having pear-shaped buds with tons of purple calyxes. Flo has an almost sweet and sour aroma with subtle floral tones make for a very smooth smoke. Whereas some hybrids will hit you fast with an almost anxiety-like sensation, Flo is a strain that you ease into and feels very comforting. You will have a clear high that leaves you focused and attentive. This has been found to be an effective alternative therapy for conditions like pain, anxiety disorders, stress disorders, muscle spasms, loss of appetite, and insomnia.

Kaviar Moon Rock

KAVIAR Moon Rocks are made from premium Sour Diesel flower that’s dipped in hash oil and then completely coated in kief. Making this a very potent nug of weed that is way too strong for inexperienced users. This bud has a unique flavor of earthy nutty flower that has an overall sweetness from the hash oil and kief. You notice the effects of the high immediately after you smoke it, hitting you in the head with a cerebral rush that launches your mind into a hazy bliss before leaving you completely stoned in both the mind and body. You’ll be completely relaxed but totally euphoric as you slip away into a heavy sedation that can easily cause users to fall into a deep and relaxing sleep. Because of these effects and its insanely high THC level, Moon Rock is said to be perfect for treating insomnia, appetite loss, chronic pain, muscle spasms, and cramps.