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For this month’s small business review, we are traveling up north to Greeley. Now, most Coloradans know Greeley as the armpit of the state (even though us Greeleyites know it’s really Gilcrest that stinks) and try to avoid coming here, but we have a few places worth visiting if you’re ever in town, namely Rumi’s House of Kabob. Located off 10th Street, Rumi’s was founded as Greeley’s first and only halal restaurant. The menu is a collaboration of middle eastern food from Iran and Egypt with falafel, hummus, Baklava, of course kabob, and even gyros from Greece.

If not for the solitary sign standing out in the front yard, you could easily miss the restaurant. It’s located in a refurbished old house which has been cleared out and converted into dining areas on both floors with the kitchen tucked away by the back door. It’s the kind of place where you feel comfortable when you walk in the door, almost like you’re really going into a friend’s home. Inside you’ll find a mixture of American architecture with middle eastern trinkets, art, and ornaments and colorful, intricately designed tapestries, rugs, table cloths, and pillows. You’re welcome to your choice of table with smaller group seating on the first floor and large group tables and a traditional seating area upstairs with a low table where you can sit on pillows on the floor.

The staff has always been professional, yet extremely friendly whenever I’ve visited. Don’t be afraid to strike up a conversation with your waiter or even the owner himself if you happen to see him. He loves to talk philosophy, religion, and poetry, specifically that of the restaurant’s namesake, the Persian poet Rumi.

You may have tried middle eastern food before and been somewhat underwhelmed. But not here. The food served at Rumi’s is authentic, made just like traditional middle eastern cuisine and tastes amazing. The blend of spices in their falafel is just perfect. Seriously, I haven’t had a falafel sandwich this good since I stopped by a falafel stand in Berlin. Or if you want something a little more familiar, you can’t go wrong with the kebabs. You’ve got the choice of New York steak, beef, chicken breast or thigh, or a combination of them all, all served with a side of rice and a charbroiled tomato.

There’s a good variety of drinks too including dough, a traditional drink made by mixing yogurt with ice water and mint. Not feeling so adventurous? There’s also traditional hot and iced tea, juice, or soda.

Even if you don’t want to leave your house, if you’re in the Greeley area, Rumi’s is also available for delivery on OrderUp so you can get all your falafel, pita, gyros, and kebabs straight to your door, but I would definitely recommend checking out the location at least once.

1116 9th St,
Greeley, CO 80631