It occurred to me recently that we have written surprisingly little about smoke-related businesses for a magazine so devoted to smoke. So for this month’s issue of The Small Business Review, we turn to Kasbah Hookah Lounge. Now I know that just because we all smoke weed, that doesn’t necessarily mean that we all smoke tobacco, but for those of us who do and who are looking for a chill place to hang out and have a different kind of smoke sesh with friends, Kasbah is the place to go. I haven’t been to all of the hookah lounges in Denver yet, although it’s a goal of mine, but Kasbah has always been my favorite.

Kasbah is located in University Hills off Colorado Blvd. between Warren and Iliff, hidden in the middle of a handful of other hookah lounges and Middle Eastern businesses. They open at 5:00 PM every day, making it the perfect place to relax after a long day of work or classes.

When you walk in the door, you’re greeted by the owner, a Middle Eastern man who simply goes by the name G, as the scents of coal dust and shisha mix to give you an interesting olfactory experience. You can always expect to hear modern, popular music and see sports on the TV, but the decor takes a slightly more traditional approach with tapestries and paintings on the wall and an eclectic collection of trinkets behind the counter. The atmosphere is much more relaxed than a lot of other hookah lounges around Denver, taking a more social approach rather than a club setting. This isn’t a place to go party or dance, this is a place to sit, talk and enjoy your smoke.

All of G’s hookahs are traditional Egyptian style served with natural coconut coals and a pair of tongs. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to manage your coals on your own, G will explain it to you, or you can just wait for him to come back and he’ll do it all for you as needed.

Now that you’ve got your hookah, I absolutely recommend getting a pot of his Moroccan Mint tea to go with it, you won’t regret it. If tea isn’t your thing don’t worry, he also has a selection of drinks on hand. Or if you’re feeling hungry, all it takes is a quick trip next door to the Middle East Market for snacks or two doors down to House of Kabob for some authentic Middle Eastern food (protip: try the hummus, it may just be the best I’ve ever had.) You’re welcome to bring any food back with you to Kasbah, but don’t try to bring back a drink unless it’s water. Just be sure to clean up after yourself. Nobody likes that guy.

As an avid hookah smoker, Kasbah is my home away from home whenever I’m in town. I always know that I’m welcomed and G always remembers me, even after I’ve been away for months at a time. You can tell he takes his work seriously and his priority is serving his customers, he may even seem aloof at times, but a little bit of friendliness goes a long way and if you invite him into your conversation, he’ll be happy to join in.

2266 S Colorado Blvd
Denver, CO 80222

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