We’ve all heard the stories about big video game stores, or worse, you’ve taken that trip into GameStop with hundreds of dollars worth of video games only to be offered a meager pittance. If you want real value for your old games and good deals on new used games, you’re going to have to hit up a local store, and if you’re in Greeley, that store is GameFactor. You’ll find it near the King Soopers off 35th Avenue and 20th Street right next to Inta Juice. Don’t let it’s small size fool you, you can find games for any system here as well as cards, comics, board games, action figures, Amiibos, and even retro gaming systems.

Remember that collector’s edition that you should have bought a while back, but now you can’t find it anywhere? GameFactor probably has it. From new games like Fallout 4 to incredibly niche Japanese import titles, there’s always a good assortment of collector’s edition games and limited edition consoles to browse through. But it’s not just the collector’s editions. Every time I go in, I’m tempted by the classics from my childhood: Goldeneye, Pokemon Snap, Mario Kart 64, and Rogue Squadron all tease me from the display case, begging me to play through them again and relive all of those moments one more time.

As you go further back into the store you get into the card and board games. Just like the video game selection, you’ll find everything from new games like Cards Against Humanity and Exploding Kittens to older games like the board game adaptation of Myst and classic Risk. There’s even a whole slew of games I never knew existed like a board game version of Firefly and Zombie Dice. Hidden under all of these games are the comics, enough to spend hours browsing through and sure to satisfy whatever it is you’re looking for.

The more times I go back to GameFactor, the more surprised I am by all of these hidden gems that I find. For a locally-owned game store, they have so much more than you would ever expect. Collector’s editions and limited releases of video games that are impossible to find anywhere else, card and board games that sell out even on Amazon, comics that are long out of print, the rarest of imports, GameFactor still manages to get their hands on them somehow when nobody else can.

As great as their collection is, my favorite thing about GameFactor is that there’s no pressure. When you walk in the door you’re greeted by the owner, Bobby, and he’ll ask if you need any help, but if you just want to browse he’ll leave you in peace. Because it’s a locally owned business, there are no quotas coming in from corporate so you’ll never have anything pushed on you and you’ll be able to check out the collection without ever feeling like you’re getting a sales pitch. You just pick out what you want and check out when you’re ready, but if you do need a little help, you can always ask. Bobby knows his store intimately and he lives and breathes video games, so if there’s ever anything you’re not sure about or you need help picking out a new game, he can help guide you in the right direction.

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