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Properly Dosing with Edibles

By: Gazette Staff

Marijuana edibles make up a sizable chunk of Colorado pot shop business, with anywhere from 20-40 percent of overall sales, according to industry estimates — and for good reason. They are discreet, and an easy way to dose the medication. Especially with marijuana being illegal to smoke in public. Edibles are growing in popularity among the U.S. with medicated cookies, gummies, brownies, caramels, hard candies, and chocolates. With this being the case it’s important to know what you are eating and how much to consume. Any seasoned marijuana user can attest, edibles provide a pretty mysterious high — one that is certainly different than a buzz obtained from smoking. Combine that with the varying ways edibles affect different people, and it can be an unpredictable experience on your first go around.

1. Having Experience

If you are someone who has never tried edibles before, it is important to start slow. Your tolerance is much different with smoking than it is with edibles. If you have smoked in the past, or even if you are a regular smoker, this does not mean that you are suited for a higher dosage intake. It’s important gauge edibles as a new experience considering the effects hit you in a much different way. Someone who has tried edibles in the past is more likely to understand how they will affect their body.

2. Never Take On An Empty Stomach

Labels typically fail to mention this, however, treat it like any other medication and be sure to eat a solid nutritional meal before taking edibles. An empty stomach will make you feel the effects much more quickly, while a full stomach won’t hit you as hard or as intense.

3. Measuring By Milligrams

Throughout the cannabis community 10 milligrams is considered to equal 1 dose of THC. 10mg is a great starting point to introduce the THC into your system. Typically if you buy a 100mg chocolate bar you will find it is made up of ten 10mg pieces. Measuring by these increments is a great way to ensure you are getting an accurate 10mg dose.

4. Being Patient

When you smoke or vaporize cannabis, you feel the effects of the herb almost instantly. You are also able to tell how much cannabis you have consumed and can easily decide when you have had too much. When you eat cannabis, these signals go away. The amount of time it takes for the effects to kick in also depends on your metabolism. People with faster metabolisms may feel medicated after an hour, yet people with slower metabolisms may not feel the effects for two hours or more. You can always take more — but you can’t go back and take less.

5. Expect A Different High Than You Are Used To

Metabolizing cannabis makes the effects much stronger. Edibles are typically made with highly concentrated cannabis, meaning actual concentrate form cannabis-infused butter, or infused oil. A lot of the reason why the ride is so intense in edibles is because of the minimal amount of membranes it passes through in the stomach. It doesn’t absorb the same way as smoking through the lungs.

“Decarboxylation” is a long word for a simple process. To decarboxylate your herb, you just need to heat it. Applying a little heat to dried bud inspires some fascinating chemical reactions in the plant. Namely, you transform compounds called cannabinoid acids into a form that is readily usable by the body.


1. You are not actually dying. Just try to breathe normally.

2. This might last a while, but you will make it through.

3. You will return to normal.

While no one has ever reportedly died from cannabis overconsumption, ingesting too much cannabis can mean that what was once a pleasant evening can turn into a pretty frightening time. If you consume too much marijuana, try to stay calm and remember that the feeling is only temporary. Lay or sit down, close your eyes, and try to relax. If you are with other people, let them know that you have overdone it and want them to keep an eye on you. An edible high can last for up to four hours or more so be prepared to be in it for the long haul.

When trying to find the best edible for you, look for products that have a clear label and are properly packaged. Support companies that have taken the initiative to create clearly labeled, quality packaging for their products, as they’re taking extra steps to ensure their products are consistent, safe, and honest.