Product Review

The Clear

Honey Bucket – Blue Raz

By:Gazette Staff

There is nothing quite like an ice cold, super sweet slushy on a hot summer day. If you happen to also enjoy cannabis concentrates, then you know there is also nothing like a super sweet, smooth dab, out of an ice cold rig. The Blue Raz Honey Bucket from The Clear is hands down, the best of both worlds combined into a clean cannabis oil that they call…

“Sunshine in a bottle.”

The Clear uses plants and fruits to distil all of their natural flavors and terpenes. This process, which they have obviously perfected, produces amazingly vibrant flavors that will shock the palette of even the most experienced dabber. This was the great surprise that we found when trying the Blue Raz flavor. The tart raspberry, combined with the sweet blueberry will leave your mouth watering, and you feeling the nostalgia.

Now Available At Nature’s Herbs And Wellness Center – Medical

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