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Product Review

Natures Kitchen S’mores Amazeballs

By:Gazette Staff

The S’mores Amazeballs from Nature’s Kitchen are a new take on a classic favorite. About the size of a ping pong ball, the S’mores Amazeballs are an ideal snack portion that deliver just the right amount of THC per serving. Each recreational pack contains 6 servings with a total of 60mg (or 10mg per serving). Medicinal packs come at a much stronger dose of 3 per pack with a whopping total of 200mg (or about 65mg per serving.) The balls themselves are made up of rice crispy cereal binded together with melted marshmallows and medicated ‘cannabutter’. They are then formed, and dipped in milk chocolate before being coated in a light graham cracker dust. With most edibles, you can taste the marijuana flavor almost immediately upon consumption. However, the way that the cannabutter dissolves into the melted marshmallows, certainly masks the taste of weed. The addition of liquid smoke also helps disguise the weed taste and mimics that roasted marshmallow flavor that you would get from a campfire. The effects of the high act much like any other edible and takes about 1-3 hours to fully kick-in depending on dosage, and tolerance which varies from person to person.