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Product Review

Nature’s Kitchen

Watermelon Cherry Ganja Gems

By:Gazette Staff

This appeasing hard candy is a nice mix of cherry and watermelon, providing good flavor while masking the taste of the THC. At ten milligrams each and ten in the pack, these candies will provide a nice buzz for those looking for it, and it’s small portable size makes it great for a hike or an outdoor concert. For those home bodies, these hard candies go great with movie night or an afternoon in. It’s portability is one of its best features though, and unless you keep them on your dash on a hot day, it’s unlikely to melt like chocolate based edibles. A word of caution for those rookies out there though, after a while the cherry watermelon flavor fades and the taste of the THC takes over. At this point you’re faced with the age old hard candy dilemma; chew it up and get candy stuck in your teeth or don’t chew it and suck on it until it’s gone. If you’re an edible pro and a little THC taste doesn’t bother you then this is the candy for you.