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Product Review

Natures Kitchen

CannaSpa Salve (581mg THC | 0mg CBD)

By:Gazette Staff

This month I got to try out the Natures Kitchen: CannaSpa Salve, I personally was a little more excited for this one. I moved out to Colorado 5 years ago after having knee surgery, and have been using Marijuana as a pain reliever since. The industry has come so far since then and finally, topical rubs are becoming more and more popular. I absolutely love this product! After a long weekend of moving and yard work, my knee was so swollen it could hardly bend. I needed to try something different. I could slowly start to see some progress by the end of the day. But after a few days of use, the swelling and pain were gone, I could bend and use my knee again. I continue to use it now before I do anything to labor-intensive work and it does wonders of not leaving me in pain the next day! The one main and important thing I liked over the other CBD rubs is that since this one is from a dispensary it has to be compliant and follow all the M.E.D. restrictions and rules. Whereas Hemp Derived CBD only infused rubs are not regulated at this time.