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Product Review

Evo Labs Chroma Colors

Peach Flavored CO2 Cartridge

By:Gazette Staff

Evolab Colors cartridges provide a seriously smooth, tantalizingly tasty experience. The cartridges come in all natural Blueberry, Pineapple, and Peach flavors, with the incomparably pure effects of pharmaceutical grade CO2 extracted Chroma Oil. For this particular review we tried out the Peach cartridge. The aroma is full-bodied and all encompassing with a strong essence of a sweet peach ring candy. The flavor was consistent throughout the life of the cartridge which is about 350-600 puffs depending on what you have your draw setting at. The naturally derived fruit flavors perfectly complement the taste and effects of pure cannabis oil. With full spectrum pharmaceutical grade extraction technology, Colors oils are always free of residual solvents, harmful cutting agents or additives. The cartridges themselves are some of the best on the market with durable, premium materials like stainless steel and pyrex glass, and a variable draw technology that replicates a dab, a slow vape draw, or anything in between. Evolab also offers these flavors through their series of 250mg disposable pens if you’re looking for a shortcut to having to buy your own setup.