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Product Review – Craft Clementine Live Resin | The Ganja Gazette
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Product Review


Clementine Live Resin

By:Gazette Staff

Dabbing has really taken the nation by storm recently and no, I’m certainly not talking about that obnoxious “dance” move that your little cousin Timmy still thinks is cool. There’s wax, shatter, budder, and butane hash oil (BHO) and while they are all, at their root, concentrated cannabis, the methods by which these concentrates are produced varies. Live resin is extracted from fresh whole cannabis plants instead of plant material that has been dried and cured; and that’s why it’s called “live resin”. Many argue that since live resin is processed without curing and dehydrating the plant, the final product more accurately captures the terpene profile of the living plant. Depending on your preference, this can result in better aromas, better flavors, and an array of unknown medical benefits.

Craft Panacea Live Resin is exceptional. Craft produces this resin using a BHO-extraction process. When the plants are harvested they are sent to deep freeze in order to capture fresh flavor and terpenes and without a doubt, the taste is superior. The packaging is clean, easy to use, and child safe. The bright and clean color and opacity of the resin is unlike anything we’ve seen before. This stuff looks as clean as it tastes. The high is quick, cerebral, and felt like a nice sativa. We’d recommend Craft Panacea Live Resin to anyone new to dabbing or even the seasoned pro. As always, take it slow. This stuff is potent.