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Concentrate Remedies

Chem 4 Live Diamonds

By:Gazette Staff

Concentrate Remedies sets out to merely capture what nature itself has already created in cannabis. Rather than deconstructing and distilling the plant’s essence until it is unrecognizable, they focus on natural one-pass extractions which concentrates all of the terpenoids, flavonoids, and cannabinoids as they originally existed.

CRx’s Chem 4 Live Diamonds are a product of an ideal extraction. This is the quintessence of what the Chemdawg 4 strain was grown to be. With lustrous crystal ‘diamonds’ bathing in rich golden
terp sauce, you’re sure to be seething with envy. Concentrates like live resin can test at around 80-90% THC. This particular batch clocks in at around 82% THC. This is not recommended for a novice smoker. This product gets you HIGH, and fairly quickly at that. The euphoric sensation is quite enjoyable, but because of the high THC content, it is also quite intense. You may find yourself lost in the bliss at times; however, you won’t become tired or fatigued in the process.

The real purpose of live resin is to preserve the terpenes that are lost through the regular decarboxylation process. That brings us to our next point; the taste. The flavor profile of Chemdawg 4 has been preserved pretty well for the most part. As you put a diamond on the hot nail, it melts and dissolves into a fizzle. This produces a slow release of smoke, causing the flavors to really resonate. What results is a taste that is bold and earthy with slight banana and nut notes toward the tip of the tongue. It leaves a sweet and pungent smell in your sinuses that helps sustain its flavor long after a nice low temperature dab.

Now Available At Nature’s Herbs And Wellness Center

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