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Product Review


Pear Indica Gummies

By:Gazette Staff

If consistency, controlled dosing, taste, and texture are important to you, Gummies are great and simply put, there are a lot of options out there. Edibles are always tasting better and better and therefore honest, natural, and unobscured ingredients are making a strong impact on the market.

To that point, Altus Juicy Pear Indica Gummies are made with all-natural fruit puree and you can really taste the difference. They contain no artificial coloring or flavouring and are among the best tasting gummies we’ve ever tried. They aren’t too sweet which is great for those of us looking for quick and semi-sweet fix. These indica-rich line of gummies are formulated for maximum THC benefits and therapeutic performance. They are aptly called “Max relax” gummies and they are perfect for patients who want a discreet, simple to use, and flavorful cannabis option. They are small and soft, with an appealing candy and lingering fruit puree texture. The quality of these gummies is apparent and you can tell they are made with real pears.

Effects are fast acting and felt relatively long lasting. They certainly fit the traditional THC/Indica profile with a buzzy head high that was both euphoric and happy, along with a gentle relaxing feeling that spread throughout the body. Suitable for micro-dosing and enjoying relief from symptoms of stress, anxiety, lack of appetite, fatigue, and insomnia.