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MARCH 2019 | The Ganja Gazette
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March 2019


Our favorite dispensary, Nature’s Herbs and Wellness, has new lower pricing! Check them out plus smokin’ deals. This month, we also talk about cannabis as an alternative medicine for pets.

Cannabis As An Alternative Medicine

The topic of cannabis has been stirring the debate scene for quite some time now. With the recent legalization of marijuana in Canada and several states in the United States, more and more people are getting into the pro-cannabis bandwagon. Cannabis for pets is a relatively new field that many are getting interested in.

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Top 5 Types Of Cannabis Concentrates

Popularity and demand for concentrates have increased dramatically with the legalization of marijuana in several states. This exponential growth in consumer interest has refined concentrate extraction methods to innovative heights, which is why so many new and exciting forms of concentrates are emerging. Concentrates are a great option for seasoned cannabis consumers looking to increase the intensity of their high, as well as flavor connoisseurs seeking to taste the most exquisite terpene profiles. Medical marijuana patients in need of relief also turn to concentrates for a direct, economical and fast-acting solution to their ailments.

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Strain Review – Herbal Remedies Sour Diesel

H.R.S.D is a little different than the original Sour Diesel, but just as good! It has a little darker hue then its original counterpart but still a strong pinene smell and you will also get some delicious citrus scents in there as well. It is still a very sativa dominant strain, I would say it is a motivational head high. It takes you to the perfect relaxation state of mind and you’re still able to accomplish so many things at the same time.

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Video Game Review – Kingdom Hearts III

It would be impossible to accurately recap the entire plot of Kingdom Hearts, given that in addition to the two other main titles, there are more than five other spin-offs across multiple gaming platforms. The game tries to do so in a series of cut-scenes to summarise the story so far.

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THE MUSHROOM MOVEMENT – will denver reverse the laws around psilocybin?

In February, the Denver Elections Division officially announced that Decriminalize Denver, a group dedicated to putting together state-level framework for legalizing psilocybin mushrooms, gathered just enough signatures to get their initiative on the ballot for this year’s municipal election. Although the campaign is just about to launch, the city is currently forging the path of the psychedelic movement. The state required 4,726 signatures for the measure to advance to the next stage. But according to Kevin Matthews, the leader of Decriminalize Denver, the group collected over 8,500. If voters pass the initiative Colorado will become the first jurisdiction in the country to decriminalize adult possession, recreational use, and propagation of psychoactive mushrooms.

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