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Have you ever felt like someone sold you bad weed? No, I don’t just mean in the past when the illegal nature of our favorite flower meant that we had to set up a time to meet someone at a shady location to buy pot. I mean right now. Have you ever felt like someone sold you bad weed? It is because they did. There is a rumor in the world of dispensaries that you are never going to get sold bad weed because in our world, we never really got past the idea of dealers. So many stores treat all their customers as an option instead of a priority. Too many shops still use the old school method of, you want weed, and we have weed, so you come to us. They forget there are now hundreds of places that exists than anyone can buy marijuana.

The problem is, many times it is hard to know where to go.

Too often people are used to being lazy and go going to the closest dispensary. Pot tourists have no idea where the hell to go to get the right stuff, and one bad trip can ruin their entire time in Colorado. Too many people are suffering from the effects of a world and market and industry where they are buying bad flower but don’t know why.

What about the other side of the equation? Do you, as a consumer, know when and where you can smoke? Do you care is the second question. Too many times in bars and public places I see people hitting a spliff. It is not at all my place to judge anyone for their decisions, but in the state of Colorado, you can still get a ticket or in other legal trouble for smoking in public. Do you know what that legal trouble even is?

There are all these questions that I pose and not because I do not think the average reader is uneducated on them. I ask because many times, we are in a world where these things are not always fully discussed. In so many environments where marijuana exists, we do not talk about what it is to be a pot consumer. We do not have conversations about where we are buying, how we are buying, or what systems might work better.

There are standards in countless industries and cannabis is no different. Obviously, the government has set many of these standards. Now businesses are doing the same. The industry is growing, and as good consumers, it is important that we know a few things. We should know the standards surrounding us. We should know how we are influenced by these standards and in turn, how they are impacting us. We should know more about cannabis. Because only once we know about how we can be a part of our world of cannabis, only when we know our rights and ways we can create change, only once we become more involved are we going to have a truly thriving industry of marijuana, one that everyone can be proud to be a member of!