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Now that 4/20 has happened, the rest of the summer can seem like an uneventful stoners paradise. Imagine, things are now starting to warm up, there is no lack of excuses to be outside, and the state of Colorado is truly a wondrous place to be during the summer. From outdoor hikes to music festivals to different events and shows, there is no lack of reasons to enjoy a nice smoke and a stroll outdoors to see what the wonderful state has to offer.

The beauty of Colorado is always how much there is to do, often for free or almost no cost. The Rocky Mountains are a great place to be in the winter if you are one who is prone to skiing or snowboarding, but just because the caps are no longer white on the mountains, or at least the majority of them, it does not mean you cannot enjoy the great outdoors. Some would even argue it is even better to enjoy the state when there is no snow on our peaks because of all the variety and ability to be constantly outside.

Regardless of your perspective, it is important to note that Colorado is a great place to be this summer and May signals the beginning of this. While May is not the official start of summer, for most people, the temperatures could certainly convince us otherwise. As the sun continues to shine outdoors, take advantage of it.

Now, we did quite a few large stories in the last month issue of the Gazette, and April is an easy time to be a writer within the cannabis community. There are countless things to write about during this time frame whether it be all the events going on meant to celebrate the stoner

culture or the different histories and origins of the celebration of 4/20. April is somewhat synonymous with stoner month, so hell, we can all enjoy this and toke up. What the hell do we as a team write about in May then? What topics do we cover that we did not already cover in the month of April and how do we follow up on such a resplendent time of cannabis consumption?

Well, one idea is instead of trying to force serious conversations about the history of weed or talk about things like the unique cannabis holidays going on, instead let us just enjoy the chance to share our minds with you. To that end, the staff of the Ganja Gazette had a little pow wow session. We sat down, talked about weed and hit on some of our favorite things here in Colorado. As you can imagine, these conversations were regularly accompanied by getting high to come up with answers that would adequately address the greater need of our consumer base. Instead of taking this seriously, we want to have fun with these types of conversation.

So, in addition to our regular features, enjoy the lists we created. Since May is the 5th month of the year, we’ve worked to generate some lists around the five of our favorites. Mostly centered on Colorado locations and food, these lists are our way of giving back with suggestions of how to spend your time in the coming months.

Have a great May and enjoy the ever increasing temperature! Make sure to smoke a bowl outside for us all and remember to invite a friend.