April, the Holy Grail month of stoners across the country. The reason being the beauty of 4/20 and what this holiday has come to mean. Now, for some of us, this holiday is less a celebration and more a cliche. Something that a few people celebrate a little too much and others avoid because well, smoking every time it gets to 4/20 is not that fun. After so many 4/20s, and after all the people who just love weed because of this day, it can be a little hard to love weed as much as you used to without cliches taking over.

I am erring on the belief that most people still love 4/20. Even if it is a slightly overdone and tacky holiday within our world, which it can be, it is still one that people love to celebrate for a reason. Because it is fun to have a holiday based on weed and reasons for everyone to get high, not matter whether it is a one-time thing as part of an annual celebration or just another daily habit of smokers.

It is easy to do the simple stories on 4/20, ones we all know and love so well and ones that any of us is familiar with. The idea of weed-fueled holidays grounded in a desire to get high and a need to fill this urge. The stories often told around 4/20 are repeated. We did not want just to follow these simple stories, however because there is so much more to 4/20 than everyone getting high.

For us, we are spending this issue covering the idea of how 4/20 has evolved. What is the history of the day and time of celebration beyond a basic time to smoke and a basic time to imbibe. Why the celebration behind this period and why especially the day of dedication. With the history that is rich, there is also the fact that we are looking towards the future. 4/20 is going to keep happening, but it is not just the idea of 4/20 happening now but more importantly, the idea of what happens in the future. As 4/20 goes forward, as weed continues to be legalized in the country, how this holiday is celebrated is going to evolve even further and further.

Whether it be publicly recognized and coordinated celebrations to maybe eventually a nationally recognized holiday of the event (yeah not ever going to happen but we could dream couldn’t we) but still, the future of 4/20 is going to evolve in crazy ways. And part of that future is here, this time, just in a less than fun and more crazy way.

For the first time in the past few years, Denver Cannabis Cup is not happening. The reason being that the event was denied the permits necessary for it to happen. Now, we’ve written an entire article on this and more information on it can be found there but for now, this is pretty big. And pretty sucky. The Cannabis Cup is an industry recognized event for a reason, and it has made some waves as it continues to grow in the country year after year into new places and new ways. The Cannabis Cup is a unique event that matters, and this year its loss will certainly be felt.

Even without the cup, there are ways to enjoy weed here in the state. You could argue we are in the best place, and the best time, to legally enjoy 4/20. And you would be correct. We really are. So figure out your plans now and start stocking up. It seems like this year we are going to have to create our own cannabis infused joy, but knowing all of you, that shouldn’t be a problem.

April is a big month for us as tokers and smokers. So, enjoy. Remember why we come together to celebrate the green. Love enjoying the plant. Share it with people. And light one up for those less fortunate who cannot smoke with us on these days.

Happy 4/20 everyone. May Cheech and Chong smile upon thee.

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