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March, the time of diverse holidays, although for us stoners, it’s not as exciting because it is only one month before our cherished holiday of 4/20. But, just because 4/20 is a month away doesn’t mean we cannot celebrate the holidays we do have. Okay, well technically, one is a holiday, and the other is more or less a glorified chance to celebrate sports. Of course, I am talking about Saint Patrick’s Day and March Madness. One is a respectful excuse to get drunk in celebration of heritage, the other is a month long sports tournament where, well, we get drunk for sports. Across both, we all get drunk. With all the drinking, there is no reason that weed cannot be involved. In fact, across both celebrations, whether cultural or sports related, weed can always play a part. The question for us was less talking about how easy it can be to include pot in both of these, but more so, in which unique ways can they be influenced by pot?

To cover these stories, we wanted to do a few things. First, we want to look at pot and sports. Specifically, who might be the biggest advocates for the substance in the professional arena of all different types of sports. Over the years, there have been countless individuals who have either suffered repercussions for their choice of loving weed and even in retirement, there are athletes who speak out about their use of weed. Our first featured piece explores this. How weed has impacted the arena of sports, how sports have impacted the arena of weed, and everything in-between.

The other story is looking at how weed has potentially impacted the world of Saint Patrick’s day. We know that imbibing, often in excess, plays a huge part in the history of St. Patrick’s day in the public mind. From kegs and eggs to bar crawls to green beer, it is hard for many adults to imagine St. Patty’s without alcohol playing a huge role in society and the March mania. In Colorado, we all know weed can easily be incorporated into any world where the word celebration or party appears, but being that green couples well with the green, we wanted to learn if weed has ever influenced, or been influenced by, the luck of the Irish.

The last piece of this month’s Gazette is understanding that our holiday is approaching. And while it might be too early to plan for everything 4/20 related, there are still aspects of prep involved. For us, we did not just want to include info on the basic or stereotypical 4/20 events. Instead, our emphasis is finding the events you might want to travel to. Buying plane or train tickets or getting a ride to a sweet 4/20 celebration can take a decent amount of time and expense. Why not save money by booking now? We are not saying you need to create a minute by minute agenda for the day, but having some options would be nice. Check out our Top 5 Places out of Denver where you might want to get high on the special day.

On top of all these pieces, you can always count on us to continue to bring you the traditional articles you see everywhere across the Gazette. From talking about fun March places to get high to helping you in your home growing, we are always here to help you understand the weed scene around Colorado and how to make the most of your time with this potent plant.

Enjoy the month of March and as the Irish can clearly teach us, the best way to celebrate this time is with a bit of green, so grab your preferred consumption method and join us all in making the most out of these times of celebration.